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February 2009

The first movie is basically like the go-between of Majora's Mask and Wind Waker ( before the Great Flood ), but it also has a mix for the manga under One The manga has Link and Zelda as childhood friends, so I kept it like the OoT ( but between MM and WW ) and have it four years into the future and everyone knows about Link defeating Ganondorf. I also added Shadow Link to it too, he's smarter and very cocky during the battle between Link and himself ( ooooh!). Ganondorf is accidentally fully released by Link when trying to save Zelda and the 6 maidens. Link meets Artemis, who is under attack by Moblins, and it turns out that the older Hylian is a worried, scaredy-cat and wants to be Link's partner in his journey. Artemis is looking for the weilders of the Triforce, who unbeknowest of Link's odd birthmark... no one knows what he will do when he finds them. Link and Artemis warp into the Dark Realm to stop Ganondorf and Shadow Link and save Zelda.