The Master Sword

The sword that is used by none other than our favorite hero, Link. It is used to keep Ganondorf and his power sealed. Link accidentally releases him to fight Shadow Link.

Hylian Sheild

It's the traditional Hylian shield that is straight from the Twilight Princess version of the Legend of Zelda series.


Looks just like the one from Wind Waker... srsly.


The bombs from Wind Waker are used in the movie but they are darker and they don't do the cartoon explosions.

Megaton Hammer

Just like from OoT because it is beter than going and making it look like the one from the Wind Waker.

Enemy: Deku Scrub

It is from OoT... but really huge!!!

Enemy: Deku Baba

There gonna be from Wind Waker ( why, because I like getting eaten by them... not hit by them. ^.^; )

Enemy: Darknut

The darknuts in my movies will start off looking like regular knights. ( Unless there is someone who is willing to make enough of the armor to help the movie and make it look like this picture!!)